The Accountant Review

Screenwriter Bill Dubuque and director Gavin O’Connor managed to create a (so far) successful action movie about an accountant. It’s a story with plenty of humor, a well written cast, and a plot that feels half baked. The Accountant is an action thriller starring Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff, who is a freelance accountant for criminal organizations. Wolff has a severe form of Autism which makes it difficult … Continue reading The Accountant Review

Halloweentown Review

Whenever I’m asked the question of, “what is my favorite guilty pleasure movie?”, the answer has always been Halloweentown. Sure there are movies I love that most people think are bad, like Looney Tunes: Back in Action and UHF. However with Halloweentown I accept just how bad it is, yet I love just about all of it. This Disney Channel original movie stars Kimberly J. … Continue reading Halloweentown Review

Kevin Hart: What Now? Review

Kevin Hart has taken his newest comedy routine to the big screen in Kevin Hart: What Now?. This film consists mostly of the stand up act Kevin Hart did at a sold out football stadium, part of his new comedy tour. His jokes vary in all kinds of topics like his kids, wife, and gangster raccoons outside his window. However the film starts by portraying Kevin as a … Continue reading Kevin Hart: What Now? Review

Annoying People at the Movies

Almost every time I go to the theater nowadays, my enjoyment of watching the film is broken by someone being incredibly rude or obnoxious. Sometimes it’s a person eating food very loudly. Other times it’s someone actually taking a phone call in the theater, and they don’t courteously leave. I would like to discuss a few of my experiences in the theater that have annoyed … Continue reading Annoying People at the Movies