South Park ‘The End of Serialization as We Know it’, Season Finale Review

South Park capped off the season with, in my opinion, the best episode within the past year. The plot finally came around, tying in most of the side stories into one nice pretty bow. After what I felt to be an okay season with many hit or miss episodes, it was very nice to see things end on a pretty good note. In this episode, … Continue reading South Park ‘The End of Serialization as We Know it’, Season Finale Review

South Park ‘Not Funny’ Review

South Park returns this week in full preparation to end season 20 on a high note. While I only felt this episode was moderately funny, South Park still manages to continue a well invested plot in the right direction. The plot for this South Park mostly centers on Gerald Broflovski and the sinister plans of the Danish. Very soon Denmark will be launching their website called … Continue reading South Park ‘Not Funny’ Review

South Park ‘Members Only’ Review

Now that Donald Trump is the President elect, there is plenty of satire to go around in the newest episode of South Park. Mr. Garrison has returned to his home town to harass the community. He has now gone through surgery to get a Donald Trump blonde hair piece, making this his final transformation. Everywhere he goes with the secret service there is music playing that … Continue reading South Park ‘Members Only’ Review

South Park ‘Oh Jeez’ Review

South Park returns this week with the surprise election results. I guess Trey and Matt had to redo the episode on short notice because the Giant Douche beat the Turd Sandwich. Therefore I don’t believe the episode is as big and climatic as it was going to be originally. Mr. Garrison is now set to take office January 20th now that he defeated the Turd … Continue reading South Park ‘Oh Jeez’ Review

South Park ‘Fort Collins’ Review

South Park returns again this week with a more focused and exciting episode then before. Packed with member berries, internet trolls, and even email scandals. In this episode, we see a lot of focus put on the member berries, and Randy’s fruitless attempt at destroying them. He tries using both a blow torch and pouring chemical acid on the berries, but neither work. It looks like member … Continue reading South Park ‘Fort Collins’ Review

South Park ‘Douche and a Danish’ Review

The newest episode of South Park, accurately titled “Douche and a Danish”, was both funny and engaging. It deals with recent topics and starts to bring some of the complex plot threads this season full circle. In this episode, Mr. Garrison has begun using a new tactic to aid in losing the Presidential race, offending women. This satirizes the audio tape recently released of Donald … Continue reading South Park ‘Douche and a Danish’ Review

South Park “Wieners Out” Review

South Park returns this week with another funny, disgusting, and ultimately anti-climactic episode. The episode titled “Wieners Out” is exactly what it sounds like, one big wiener joke. Butters starts rallying all the boys at South Park Elementary to stand up for the injustices they face from the girls. To show this, they all drop their pants and parade around with their wieners out. It’s pretty … Continue reading South Park “Wieners Out” Review

South Park: “Member Berries” Review

  South Park is already off to a great start for season 20. The episode, titled “Member Berries”,  is about as topical as South Park could possibly get. They satire the drama surrounding NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, when he sat down for the U.S. national anthem to protest the oppression that blacks face. The episode actually starts with everyone in South Park gathered to watch … Continue reading South Park: “Member Berries” Review