Good Burger Review

Over time, Good Burger seems to have grown a strange cult following of fans who grew up with the flick. This goofball film is often treated like the Citizen Kane of the fast-food industry. Hell, when Netflix attempted to remove Good Burger from their streaming service, they were met with severe backlash. Am I missing something? I mean, is it really anything more than a cheap Nickelodeon movie? … Continue reading Good Burger Review

Spirited Away Review

Having really enjoyed reviewing the film Howl’s Moving Castle, I have decided to review some other major Studio Ghibli titles. Therefore, I feel it would be proper for me to start with my most favorite of Ghibli’s films, Spirited Away. Spirited Away is about a young girl named Chihiro, who is with her parents on their way to their new home. They all stumble upon an abandoned … Continue reading Spirited Away Review

The Great Wall Review

The Great Wall was a big, dumb action movie. I went into the theater with subpar expectations, and not surprisingly I came out mostly disappointed with what I saw. The Great Wall stars Matt Damon as a character whose name I never learned, a European mercenary traveling to China in search of gunpowder. Upon arrival to China, Matt Damon learns that the Chinese are currently involved … Continue reading The Great Wall Review

The Lego Batman Movie Review

Coming into the 2017 year, everyone has those movies that they’re really anticipating. Many people I know are excited for films like Spider-man Homecoming, Star Wars VIII, and Justice League. I, however, was pumped for the release of The Lego Batman Movie. As a huge fan of The Lego Movie, I had a strong feeling that this film starring Batman would turn out to be as good … Continue reading The Lego Batman Movie Review

Dirty Harry: Reel Quick Reviews

Dirty Harry stars the legendary chair talker Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan, a tough police inspector for the San Francisco Police Department. Callahan has been tasked with finding and bringing down a psychopathic serial killer that goes by the name of Scorpio (played by Andy Robinson). Scorpio has already killed many a time, therefore Harry Callahan must take him down by any means necessary. Dirty Harry … Continue reading Dirty Harry: Reel Quick Reviews

Hidden Figures Review

Hidden Figures is the new drama film directed by Theodore Melfi, depicting the careers of female Black mathematicians working for NASA in the sixties. Hidden Figures focus on three of these women specifically, Mary Jackson (Janelle Manáe), Dorothy Vaughn (Octavia Spencer), and Katherine Globe (Taraji Henson). The story focuses mostly on Katherine, as she attempts to overcome the prejudice of her coworkers and help send John Glenn … Continue reading Hidden Figures Review

Rings Review

The most recent film I’ve had the displeasure of seeing was Rings, the reboot to the 2002 horror film The Ring (which was already a remake of a 1998 Japanese horror flick called Ringu). The basic plot revolves around this bizarre and disturbing VHS tape that is full of weird imagery. When someone views this tape, they receive a phone call from a little girl named Samara who appears in … Continue reading Rings Review