Insidious Review

For the past couple of decades or so, the genre of horror has become somewhat of a minefield. With the film industry so over saturated with overdone plots and jump scares, the clever and inventive movies often slip through the cracks in the form of independent productions. Films like It Follows and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil received little attention upon their initial release, while … Continue reading Insidious Review

Phoenix Forgotten Review

From director Justin Barber and producer Ridley Scott comes another boring found footage movie, this time about aliens. Similar to the premise of The Blair Witch Project, Phoenix Forgotten is a story about three teenagers who go missing in the Arizona desert while searching for UFOs.  These events take place only a few days after the real life occurrence of the ‘Phoenix Lights’, where thousands of people … Continue reading Phoenix Forgotten Review

Blair Witch Review

I hold the firm belief that, for most cases, found footage is a gimmicky form of filmmaking. Only used by filmmakers who want a quick buck off of teen moviegoers and have no interest in making a quality movie. In some cases, like the Blair Witch Project or the first Paranormal Activity, found footage can be used to enhance the movie going experience. Allowing the … Continue reading Blair Witch Review