Glass Review

At last, M. Night Shyamalan’s dramatic conclusion to his superhero trilogy, Glass, has arrived. And while I was dissatisfied with Split, I had good faith that Glass would turn out significantly better. Glass brings superhero David Dunn (known as The Overseer and played by Bruce Willis) to a final confrontation with the villains Kevin Crumb (The Beast played by James McAvoy) and Elijah Price (Mr. … Continue reading Glass Review

The Old Man & the Gun Review

Some men rob banks just for the heck of it. Because the thrill of the chase is just too pleasing and satisfying to pass on. At least, that was the mindset of Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford), a bank robber and escape artist known for escaping prison more than a dozen times. Tucker was recognized as the guy who commits armed robbery in the kindest and most respectful … Continue reading The Old Man & the Gun Review

Incarnate Review

Incarnate is a special kind of bad movie. It’s a movie with good, creative intentions but gets lost in a trainwreck of confusion and stupidity. Incarnate stars Aaron Eckhart’s as Dr. Seth Embers, who has the special ability to enter people’s minds and extract demons. Think Inception meets The Exorcist. It seems that Dr. Embers has finally found a particular demon that he has been … Continue reading Incarnate Review

South Park ‘Oh Jeez’ Review

South Park returns this week with the surprise election results. I guess Trey and Matt had to redo the episode on short notice because the Giant Douche beat the Turd Sandwich. Therefore I don’t believe the episode is as big and climatic as it was going to be originally. Mr. Garrison is now set to take office January 20th now that he defeated the Turd … Continue reading South Park ‘Oh Jeez’ Review

Ouija: Origin of Evil Review

I had initially planned on skipping Ouija: Origin of Evil. The previews for the film made it look nothing more than a cheap horror sequel that exists for a quick cash return only. Not to mention the predecessor film Ouija was horrible, only scoring a measly 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. But never have I been so wrong about a film. Ouija: Origin of Evil stars Elizabeth … Continue reading Ouija: Origin of Evil Review

Halloweentown Review

Whenever I’m asked the question of, “what is my favorite guilty pleasure movie?”, the answer has always been Halloweentown. Sure there are movies I love that most people think are bad, like Looney Tunes: Back in Action and UHF. However with Halloweentown I accept just how bad it is, yet I love just about all of it. This Disney Channel original movie stars Kimberly J. … Continue reading Halloweentown Review

Remakes and Reboots and Sequels! Oh My!

Well folks, its happened. Hollywood has completely run out of ideas for major film releases. So far this year we have received remake after reboot after pointless sequel. And as expected, most fell flat on their faces. Only a select few will stand the passage of time as memorable films. And from the looks of it, 2017 isn’t going to be any better. So far … Continue reading Remakes and Reboots and Sequels! Oh My!

Halloween (1978) Review

Over time, Halloween has become an iconic film of the horror genre. It is often cited as popularizing the slasher film and creating many horror movie tropes we continue to see used today. Directed by John Carpenter, Halloween was made on a relatively small budget of about 300,000 dollars, while making over 70 million in the box office. Proving just how financially successful independent, low budget … Continue reading Halloween (1978) Review