The Book of Eli Review

The Book of Eli takes the idea of a faith based film and puts a Mad Max style twist on it. It attempts to implement an uplifting message while being submerged in this grim reality of hopelessness. Denzel Washington plays Eli, a lone wolf traveling across the ruins of what was once the United States, before some apocalyptic event took place. He is guided by an unknown … Continue reading The Book of Eli Review

Fences Review

Another great drama film to be released at the end of this year was Fences. Fences stars Denzel Washington and Viola Davis as a married couple living in 1950’s Pittsburgh. The film basically follows them on their day to day as we the audience watch the events of their life transpire. Throughout Fences we learn about the entire life of our main protagonist, Denzel Washington. … Continue reading Fences Review

The Magnificent Seven Review

Going in to the Magnificent Seven I wasn’t sure what to think. Remakes from well respected source materials haven’t seemed to be going well in the past few years. But after watching the film I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw, at least, somewhat. The Magnificent Seven stars Denzel Washington as a bounty hunter named Sam Chisholm, who must build a rag tag team … Continue reading The Magnificent Seven Review