The Expendables: Reel Quick Review

I have decided to start a new segment where I briefly review films within about two hundred words. I will reserve these quick reviews for films that have been out for a while that don’t necessarily need an in-depth analysis or plot summary. So without further ado, the review:   The Expendables is truly a film for action movie fans, as it stars some of the … Continue reading The Expendables: Reel Quick Review

Predator Review

Predator is an adrenaline and testosterone filled action film that launched the career of one of the best sci-fi villains to ever hit the big screen. The film is packed with cheesy one liners, witty dialogue, and awesome characters that are fascinating to watch. Predator stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch, the leader of an elite group of soldiers sent to Central America to rescue some U.S. hostages. Things go … Continue reading Predator Review