The Emoji Movie: The Death of Creativity

The Emoji Movie takes everything selfish and wrong with our technology-obsessed generation and wears it like a badge. The film, which revolves around smartphone emojis, exists for the sole purpose to appeal to the masses, with zero attempts at creativity made. Films like The Emoji Movie are my least favorite kind of film to watch, ones that indulge in overused tropes and treat the audience … Continue reading The Emoji Movie: The Death of Creativity

Despicable Me 3 Review

The Despicable Me series returns with its fourth, and regrettably most tired, film in the franchise. Full of hackneyed protagonists and uneven writing, Despicable Me 3 struggles to rise above mediocrity. The film takes place shortly after the events of the previous installment, as we see Gru (Steve Carell) and Lucy (Kristen Wiig) attempt to foil the evil plot of Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker). Upon failing this … Continue reading Despicable Me 3 Review

Captain Underpants Review

DreamWorks has never been the company to stray away from a strange idea, hence their most recent major release, Captain Underpants. Based on the book by the same name, the film follows the story of two mischievous elementary school kids named George Beard (Kevin Hart) and Harold Hutchins (Thomas Middleditch), who spend hours a day writing comic books together. Sadly, George and Harold go to … Continue reading Captain Underpants Review

The Nightmare Before Christmas Review

Whenever I think of stop motion animation, the first film that always comes to mind is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ve always found this film to be such a blast, and it fits well into my lifelong fascination with bizarre cinema. Often many people (I included) act as though it’s the Citizen Kane of stop motion. This has recently got me thinking if all the praise is really warranted? Our … Continue reading The Nightmare Before Christmas Review

Smurfs: The Lost Village Review

When I heard that we’d be getting another Smurfs movie, I just rolled my eyes. Was it seriously all that necessary to remake the Smurfs so soon, with the horrible Neil Patrick Harris version so fresh in the brain? Was there an army of Smurfs fans somewhere lobbying for another movie? Regardless of the reason, I thought a remake wasn’t the wisest of ideas. And, for the … Continue reading Smurfs: The Lost Village Review

Beauty and the Beast (1991) Review

With the recent release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast, I’ve brought it upon myself to review the classic Disney cartoon version. Hailed by many as one of the best animated films of all time, Beauty and the Beast has made its way into the hearts of many. The story (one I’m sure you’ve already heard), is about that of a self-righteous king, whose … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast (1991) Review

The Fox and the Hound Review

You know, for a film that is titled the Fox and the Hound, over half the film features neither a fox, nor a hound. Instead, it’s filled with unnecessary side characters that leave little to no impact on the viewer whatsoever. The story revolves around a Fox named Tod (Mickey Rooney), whose taken in by a kind widow after his mother, like in so many Disney … Continue reading The Fox and the Hound Review