Alien: Covenant Review

Of all the countless films I’ve seen over the years, none have captivated me more than Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece, Alien. From the lonely atmospheric environment, to the fantastic H. R. Giger design work, all the pieces fell perfectly into place to create a one of a kind science fiction beauty. The 1986 sequel Aliens, directed by James Cameron and once again starring Sigourney Weaver, also enthralled me, in … Continue reading Alien: Covenant Review

Phoenix Forgotten Review

From director Justin Barber and producer Ridley Scott comes another boring found footage movie, this time about aliens. Similar to the premise of The Blair Witch Project, Phoenix Forgotten is a story about three teenagers who go missing in the Arizona desert while searching for UFOs.  These events take place only a few days after the real life occurrence of the ‘Phoenix Lights’, where thousands of people … Continue reading Phoenix Forgotten Review

40 Years of Horror: Best Horror Films By Year 1975-2015 (In Pictures)

My picks for some of the best horror related films of the past few decades. 1975: Jaws 1976: The Omen Runner Up: Carrie 1977: Suspiria Runner Up: The Hills Have Eyes 1978: Halloween Runner Up: Dawn of the Dead 1979: Alien 1980: The Shining Runner Up: Friday the 13th 1981: The Evil Dead 1982: The Thing Runner Up: Poltergeist 1983: Twilight Zone: The Movie 1984: A … Continue reading 40 Years of Horror: Best Horror Films By Year 1975-2015 (In Pictures)