Incarnate Review

Incarnate is a special kind of bad movie. It’s a movie with good, creative intentions but gets lost in a trainwreck of confusion and stupidity. Incarnate stars Aaron Eckhart’s as Dr. Seth Embers, who has the special ability to enter people’s minds and extract demons. Think Inception meets The Exorcist. It seems that Dr. Embers has finally found a particular demon that he has been … Continue reading Incarnate Review

Sully Review

Sully is another blockbuster drama directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. It soars as high as I`d expect an Eastwood film too and contains a pleasant array of great acting and directing. The film stars Tom Hanks as Chesley Sullenberger, the American airline captain who was forced to make an emergency water landing in the Hudson River. Everyone aboard Flight 1549 survived the landing, many … Continue reading Sully Review

London Has Fallen Review

It’s worth noting that while I enjoyed the predecessor to London Has Fallen, Olympus Has Fallen, it was still a Die Hard clone. But it had enough well-paced action, likable characters, and plot points to be a somewhat decent flick. London Has Fallen has none of those things. London Has Fallen stars Aaron Eckhart as the United States President who, like the rest of world … Continue reading London Has Fallen Review