Avengers: Endgame Review (No Spoilers)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to dominate, and in some ways redefine, the action genre. Every major franchise has taken their shot at creating an in-depth universe full of engaging characters and interesting settings. Star Wars, DC Comics, the Universal Monster monster movies, none have been as successful at captivating audiences as Marvel.

While I’ve shown disappointment with several of their productions in the past (like Captain Marvel and Black Panther), there have been few Marvel films I would consider to be flat out “bad” (Iron Man 2 anyone?). This is an achievement in itself, as their domination of superhero flicks has helped them to make over 18 billion dollars globally, making it the highest grossing film franchise of all time. With a collective 22 films in the MCU thus far, it feels like everything has been culminating to this moment in time.

Avengers: Endgame is a film I think everyone’s been anticipating to some extent. Especially considering the major success of Infinity War, which is basically a hype piece to set the grand finale of Endgame in motion.

To describe the plot of Endgame to any degree would be a spoiler in itself, as within ten minutes of the film their are several major twists (and therefore, major spoilers). These shifts in film direction completely throw your expectations and previous film theories out the window, keeping you on your toes. I don’t get surprised by many films I watch these days, but the constant twists and turns were a pleasant subversion of my expectations of what was to come. A huge deviation from what I would call the “basic Marvel formula”.

The humor was pretty decent for the entire flick, as I remember laughing frequently (and uncontrollably). Occasionally there was an ill-timed joke that tries to make light of an especially mournful scene, but most gags worked tremendously in the film’s favor. I remember Thor and Ant-Man being particularly funny throughout the picture.

The final confrontation is on as grand a scale as the Avengers has ever gone, some real Return of the King kind of stuff. It’s the ultimate fantasy clash of superheroes that a fan could conjure up, kicking the thrills and adrenaline rush into high gear. There was so much excitement and visual stimuli present in the final battle that I found it hard to comprehend it all. We get to see a lot of that teamwork and interaction between the Avengers that really makes seeing these movies worth it.

The most important aspect of Avengers, just like any movie, is in the characters. We see in great painstaking detail the loss each hero has suffered, and the lengths each is willing to go to save the ones they love. Avengers: Endgame deals a lot with loss and sacrifice, but when the dust and rubble clears away, it’s also about love and friendship. We see these characters blossom and develop over the course of the film, and some have story arcs that come full circle after nearly a decade of building them up.

It’s no revelation that moviegoers feel a special connection with these heroes, a testament to the power of Marvel’s storytelling. We’ve laughed, discovered, and learned along with our favorite Marvel heroes who’ve taken us on an epic journey. To look back and reflect on the series as a whole is quite overwhelming and mind-boggling.

Overall, my theatrical experience for this movie was just a blast, as Endgame had a little bit of something for everyone. And you better believe emotions were running high all around the theater.

The future for the Marvel franchise is kind of up in the air at this point, but I know with whatever direction they decide to take, there will be a legion of fans anxiously awaiting the next movie.

The Verdict: B+

-Zachary Flint

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