Inside Job Review (2016 Short Film)

Today I’ve been asked to review the 2016 independent film titled Inside Job.

Inside Job is a dark comedy about an intern named Josh, who is recruited to work for an obscure company led by Mr. G (played by writer and director Matt Nagin). Mr. G is the epitome of a scumbag employer, who takes advantage of women, frequently uses drugs, and is feared by all his employees. The intern is about to get an experience of a lifetime, as his new boss may have something secretly in store for him.

The frequent antics of Mr. G are quite absurd and, at times, very humorous. His drug use is darkly comedic, and his outlandish belief that a rubber chicken is actually his wife makes me laugh from just how off the wall it is. Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, Inside Job went from “dark comedy” to just plain dark.

I believe the overall message that the film tried to communicate got lost in translation. The motivations of the characters were somewhat backwards and confusing, with an ending that didn’t feel fully developed.


The greatest moments of Inside Job are the more physical bits of comedy, that aren’t quite as bombastic as the dialogue. The mannerisms and actions of Mr. G are delightful to watch, as his character really does steal the show in the best way.

So while I think the end takes too many twists in turns in its final act, Inside Job is worth watching for those into independent films with wacky concepts.

The Verdict: C+

-Zachary Flint

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