Incarnate Review

Incarnate is a special kind of bad movie. It’s a movie with good, creative intentions but gets lost in a trainwreck of confusion and stupidity.

Incarnate stars Aaron Eckhart’s as Dr. Seth Embers, who has the special ability to enter people’s minds and extract demons. Think Inception meets The Exorcist. It seems that Dr. Embers has finally found a particular demon that he has been tracking for years, and it has taken on the host of a young boy. It is now up to Dr. Embers to save this little boy before it is too late.

I will start with what little good there is about Incarnate. That only being, the first twenty minutes. I genuinely enjoyed the introduction to this film and thought it had a great concept. I thought the visuals were promising and the characters might turn out prertty interesting. However it does not take long for Incarnate to derail into a mess of confusion. At about thirty minutes in I was already asking questions like “who is this guy?” and “what does that mean?”. Unfortunately none of these questions raised are ever answered.

Incarnate also doesn’t mind taking pointless detours at many different points throughout. I don’t think the writers wrote a story with enough going for it because the film is full of filler dialogue and pointless scenes.

Another thing that got on my nerves was Aaron Eckhart. Now don’t get me wrong, I always love Aaron Eckhart’s performances. I think he is a very well rounded actor with a lot of range and talent. However I feel the writing of this film doesn’t allow him to be any good. His dialogue is dull and character is forgettable. Not to mention he is a completely loathsome jerk until the last twenty minutes. The audience has no reason whatsoever to like this character until we are given his tagic back story. But by then we are so annoyed by how much of an asshole he is it doesn’t even matter. For example, he tells a mother that he doesn’t really care about the life of the boy he is trying to save.

The special effects are really bad too. Which came as somewhat of a surprise, because the beginning of the film starts off with some interesting visuals. They kind of reminded me of the horror flick Insidious, which is a film I really liked. However what kills it is really the CGI. The CGI in Incarnate is laughably bad. Like, really really bad. There is one scene where a guy lights on fire and starts burning, and it is freaking hillarious. There is another scene where we see a demon, however the camera only shows us it’s legs and arm because the CGI is complete shit and they know it.

The last fifteen minutes is riddled with confusion, where the filmmakers break their own rules they previously established in the movie. So how can the film make any logical sense if the rules within the realm of Incarnate are constantly disregarded? Well, it doesn’t. It only serves to confuse the audience with only a few moments to go.

And that leaves us with the conclusion. The ending to Incarnate is really what turns it from just being a bad movie to a ‘spit in the face’ piece of garbage. It ends with a big middle finger to the audience because it knows damn well it just wasted your time. Everything that you think the film is leading up to flips 180 degrees and ends on the lowest note possible. What a disappointment.

I do not recommend Incarnate to anyone. There are infinitely better films out to go watch and see. Spending any amount of time or money on Incarnate is, in my opinion, a complete waste. Which is a real shame, because the premise is something I would really like to see. With better people behind the camera this could have been a solid film.

Alas, after experiencing this piece of shit film, I think I need an exorcism of my own.

-Zachary Flint

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