South Park ‘Douche and a Danish’ Review

The newest episode of South Park, accurately titled “Douche and a Danish”, was both funny and engaging. It deals with recent topics and starts to bring some of the complex plot threads this season full circle.

In this episode, Mr. Garrison has begun using a new tactic to aid in losing the Presidential race, offending women. This satirizes the audio tape recently released of Donald Trump having an offensive conversation about women. The satirization of the reaction to Trump’s audio tape is great. It seems like South Park specifically takes a few jabs at female Trump supporters that found this tape to be hurtful. In the show, women were totally okay with Garrison saying he’s going to “fuck immigrants and refugees to death”. But when he told a few jokes about women is where he crossed the line.

Also going on in the show, Eric and Heidi have united the boys and girls of South Park Elementary by starting a fundraiser. They will raise as much money as possible to help aid the Danish in funding

I think there are some really funny moments with Eric and Heidi regarding their relationship, but I can’t help but wish Eric was doing something else. I would like to see him fanning the flames between the sexes, like in the episode World War Zimmerman. Where Eric thinks that a World War Z style race war has begun between blacks and whites.

The Danish are also getting closer and closer to launching their website However Gerald and his internet troll friends decide to step in and take action. They launch a Twitter assault on Denmark asserting that Lego has been funding ISIS. The scene when the trolls launch the attack is comical, and it is done in the vain of the death star attack in Star Wars. Gerald and his troll friends call out there aliases like “Skankhunt42, standing by. Anonymous8942, standing by.”


Speaking of Star Wars, South Park also had some enlightening views towards the newest film. That perhaps, The Force Awakens wasn’t as good of a movie as we all think. By recycling all the old Star Wars material they weren’t giving us anything new, and just reusing ideas can’t make the movie good. Definitely some food for thought. This all quickly gets over the top and ridiculous (as South Park does) when Randy Marsh has the revelation that J.J. Abrams may be the cause of our countries problems. They even show a picture of J.J. Abrams wearing a “Make Star Wars Great Again” hat. I have a feeling that J.J. Abrams is going to be involved in this whole mess in the near future.

The Member Berries even get involved in this episode, with Randy has even uncovering that the Berries were involved with the downfall of the Roman Empire. Randy has now equated our society with the end of the Roman Empire.

The Member Berries are even the reason why people are voting for Donald Trump/ Mr. Garrison. It’s even for the same reason that we love The Force Awakens. Americans yearn for the nostalgia of the past. We’re at a point where the past looks better than the future, and therefore we aren’t moving forward.

This most recent episode is much funnier than the previous, and it seems that we are heading towards some big events in the show. Plot threads are finally coming full circle and soon we will hopefully get an epic climax to a pretty good season.

Zachary Flint


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